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Horizon Meat Ordering brings the finest cuts of meat from local farms to your doorstep in Saudi Arabia. You can order from delightful selection of premium beef, lamb, chicken, and more.

The primary objective of my design work was to craft a meat ordering mobile app that seamlessly connects meat lovers with a diverse array of premium cuts, while also enhancing their overall shopping experience. By blending creativity with user-centric design, I aimed to establish the app as the go-to destination for meat enthusiasts, redefining how they indulge in the flavors of the finest cuts.

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As the lead designer for a meat ordering mobile app, my mission was to revolutionize the way meat enthusiasts discover, order, and savor their favorite cuts. My design journey was fueled by a passion for seamless user experiences, visually enticing interfaces, and a commitment to making the app a carnivore’s paradise.

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